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“Helsinki Open” Jack & Jill is an individual Bachata dance competition organized by Helsinki Bachata Gala.

Competition date and location: Saturday 17.02.24 at 19:00, Valkoinen Sali, Aleksanterinkatu 16-18, Helsinki



“Helsinki Open 2024” is an amateur dance competition, amateur dancers with any dance level are allowed to participate. 
Bachata teachers are not allowed to take part in the competition.



Registration to the competition is done at, by filling the form with name and email address. After submitting the form participant will receive an email with registration confirmation and additional information. 

On the competition day (17.02.24), participant is required to check-in for competition and receive a number tag.
Check-in for competition takes place in Valkoinen Sali  at 16:30-18:30.




Competition is held is 3 stages: qualifying stage, semi-final, final.

- Qualifying stage (5 rounds 1.5 min each) – all participants

- Semi-final (3 rounds 1.5 min each) – 8 participants (4 leaders, 4 followers)

- Final (1 round, full song 2.5-3 min) – 6 participants (3 leaders, 3 followers)


Dance couples will be random

Participance will rotate dance partner in every round.

Host of the competition will give clear instructions and lead the competition process.


Detailed process description

1. All leaders are invited to the dance floor. 

2. All Followers are invited to the dance floor to join random leader.

3. Music starts and couples dance bachata for 1.5-2 minutes (1 round)

4. Music stops and partners rotate.

5. New song plays, and another 1.5-2 min dance round starts

6. There are 5 rounds in Qualifying stage.


7. After 10 min brake judges introduce 8 participants (4 leaders, 4 followers) for semi-final.

8. Semi-final is 3 rounds (1,5-2 min each)

9. Dance partners rotate after every round


10. After 10 min break judges inform 6 participants (3 leaders, 3 followers) for the Final.

11. Final will be held later, during the Gala Night, approx. 21.30.

12. For the Final, couple dance 1 full dance, partners in Final don’t rotate. 

13. Dance couples for the final will be randomly assigned (by lottery).


Grading system and parameters for evaluation

There are 4 key parameters that will be evaluated with following grades:
1 – Modest, 2 – Good, 3 – Very good, 4 - Excellent 












- Basic step

- Fundamental bachata elements (turns, waves, rolls etc)

- Variety of elements and complexity of compositions (leaders only)

- Ladies / Men style



- Highlighting the “strong” beat

- Matching the mood of the music

- Following the music structure, rhythm and musical elements 
( e.g. accents, breaks, syncopations, etc.)


Leading / Following

- Leaders leading skills and quality / Followers following skills and quality



- Emotional interaction in a couple

- Participant emotions



Leading & Following






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